The ROI Conundrum

Attitudes & Barriers Towards Providing The ROI of L&D

Not all companies give learning and development the same emphasis, and there is often a battle for ownership and evaluation of associated budgets.
Warwick Conferences has long known the importance of L&D. For employers, creating a platform for business growth, to develop staff,
aiding retention and creating a positive culture. For employees, it shows their organisation is looking after professional development, signalling
a commitment to support career progression. We also see the struggles facing organisers of L&D programmes, with internal battles surrounding
ownership, budgets and the return on investment.

In fact, we’ve conducted independent research with a number of industry professionals who outlined their key concerns during uncertain times, with budget battles and ROI requirements high on the agenda. This report delves into the thoughts and attitudes of senior decision-makers across finance and accounts, learning and development and human resources (HR). While the survey was undertaken before the COVID-19 pandemic, the concerns and considerations are still very much applicable in a post-pandemic world.
Is L&D under pressure? Where do leaders prefer to host training sessions? And what barriers are faced in trying to calculate the tangible value it
brings businesses? At a time where more scrutiny is given to budgets across the board, ROI for training programmes is more important than ever. Calculating it, however, appears to remain a real barrier.

Paul Bartlett – Director of Warwick Conferences.

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