Music in Learning

LPI accredited learning provider Incendo reinforces  some reasonably commonly-held beliefs that using music in a learning environment can:

assist with retention and memory due to the function of the brain’s limbic system and an alteration in brain waves;
create an atmosphere conducive to enhanced learning, as a result of affecting the emotions of the learners.

These ideas aren’t new and have been kicking around the L&D/training community for well over a decade; having said that, not everybody agrees with them.  Incendo are interested to explore this topic further, so founder, Justin Standfield, will be documenting the research into concepts that underpin the use of music to enhance learning, and examining to what extent they add weight to the claims made by many trainers and learning facilitators.

As part of this project,  learning professionals are invited to take part in this research questionnaire on the use of music in learning – even if you don’t currently play muscic at any point during your learning interventions.

If you would like to take part simply click here 

Your participation in this research is appreciated and the questionnaire will take approximately five minutes to complete.  You have the option to receive a copy of the research findings by entering an email address at the end of the questionnaire (this is optional).

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