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As a fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) and a consumer of pretty much anything ‘learning’ I have over the years realised that there’s a wealth of personal development available to anyone who wants it; Courses, Books, CD’s, Online videos etc.

The biggest challenge for many people who don’t live and breathe the world of personal development is where to start. I’ve read many in-depth books that have really challenged my thinking and set me down new paths but many people need something quick, simple, easy to digest and most of all, something they can apply in their day to day lives. Many of the ‘great’ books such as The One Minute Manager are exactly this. So that was my aim, along with my co-author Niall Lavery. We would love many, many more people to take their first steps into personal development and believe our concept can help get them started.

Our book, Three-Letter Words That Can Change Your Life, can be read right through or you can pick it up, select a chapter and after just a few pages have a new thought or action to walk away with. We really do think it is that easy. Yes, some people will want to understand the psychology behind it or would like proof of the technique but we’d rather they simply ‘go with it’ and try these techniques out for themselves, after all eating a cake and finding out if you like it is far better than asking lots of other people if they liked it because that’s still no guarantee that you will!

To keep it simple, each chapter is a 3-letter word and so easy to remember too, after all if you can’t remember it can you apply it? Some of the chapters are Yes, Aim, Now, Gym, One and Job, a total of 52 to keep readers going for a whole year! Feedback from other L&D professionals would be much appreciated on the content and style of the book.

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About the author – Glen Butler:

Glen Butler is dedicated to the growth and development of others. His delivery of personal development and leadership programmes enables people to discover their hidden talents and explore new concepts through facilitation and expert knowledge. Constantly researching both content and learning approaches, Glen brings a fresh and creative outlook to everything he does.

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About the author – Niall Lavery:

Niall is a successful manager and Learning & Development professional with nearly 20 years of expertise. He is passionate about what he does and is dedicated to delivering world class, cost effective training interventions that adds value to both individuals and the business. Using his consultative skills he has the ability to influence at all levels and build highly effective teams, through effective coaching and facilitation. Niall is a collaborative team player with a proven track record of successful delivery.

Niall is an accredited practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Insights Discovery and Strengthscope.

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