Understanding New Challenges

L&D leaders – I think our role is to proactively help the organisation to connect to its new environment.

Here are some more ideas on stepping forward and ‘initiating’:

How can we understand the new challenges now being faced by the organisation – and the new capabilities required to move forward?

How can we identify new ways to increase the capacity to solve these new customer challenges?

How are we defining and communicating what the Learning and Development team will stop doing – and why?

How can we find new ways for individuals and teams to connect and share their experience, ideas and opportunities?

How can we facilitate new ways for people’s most useful and helpful work to become more visible to everyone?

How can we help to (re) define what the organisation now means by “great performance” and “great performer”? How can we support team managers to find ways to avoid following every ‘standard process’ ‘remotely’?

How can we accelerate new ways to encourage individual and team reflection?

How can we communicate and role model what the organisation now means by “learning” at this time; (beyond “new training”)?

About the author – Paul Jocelyn:

Experienced strategic Head of Learning & Development now helping teams build the knowledge, thinking and learning culture needed to deliver a business strategy.

Paul works alongside business leaders and teams to grow capability and improve results. Paul is also an approved LPI Accreditation Mentor – find out more here.

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