We ALL Have The Power To Set The Weather

I’m listening to my Spotify summer playlist, and it got me thinking…

Why do we never have a winter playlist (aside from the obvious Christmas one of course!)? You don’t hear people  talking about the ’soundtrack to their winter’, but we all remember the songs of summer long after the tan has faded!

In years to come, will the summer of 2018 be as memorable as the summer of ’76? It’s hard to tell at the moment, we are all, for the most part, still enjoying this glorious weather. A nationwide hosepipe ban has yet to come into full force, and I bet very few folks are sharing their bathwater – but that could all change of course if this heat continues!

So, we’re all talking about the weather, we’re tweeting, chatting, moaning, obsessing, and commenting. We’re reminded of the sheer power of the weather when people and property are caught up in forest fires, or when extreme heat takes the lives of the elderly and frail.

We pray for good weather for special occasions, I always remember hoping that the day I said my final goodbye to my Dad two years ago would be warm and sunny…no-one wants to say goodbye in the rain.  And it was warm and sunny for his funeral, and that was a comfort. knowing that we’d said goodbye on a ‘damn good weather for golf’ day!

Whilst I know that none of us can command the weather, we can all set our own climate. We can choose to bring warmth and sunshine to our lives, and to others, or we can blow bitter and cold and make being in our company like a long, icy winter.

So long after the summer of 2018 ends, if we really want to, we can all make the sun shine all year round.

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