Webex versus Classroom

I’m trying to determine if any research/statistics exist that defines the ‘no show’ rate for participants scheduled to attend a webex learning intervention versus a f2f classroom intervention. Logic says that the drop out or no show rate will be higher for the former but i’d like to ground this logic in fact

Can anybody help?

Ray Harrison

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  1. Charles Campion 2 weeks ago

    Hi Ray,
    Check out this article and info graphic from the today’s LPN email/newsletter.
    Whilst not directly answering your question it gives some interesting insights into the number of online ‘social’ learners who sing up for, start and then complete a learning programme. I know I have signed up for a few courses on here and not always seen them through to the end and the stat that stood out for me that on average only 18% do complete paints a picture. It gets you thinking about why it is so low and how could That figure be improved.


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