What Inspires You?

I’ve been inspired to write this blog. The irony (or should I say serendipity?) is not lost on me. It’s been sparked by this week’s #ldinsight question:


This was both an opportunity to shout loudly about all the people who have influenced and inspire creativity, to be/do better, who perhaps you might ‘look up to’; and also to reflect on when you were last inspired.  Is it a WHO? My reflection is that it’s broader, bigger, more world-encompassing than ‘who’. Yes there’s Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Victor Frankl – lots of names.

But I started nearer to home. My immediate reaction totally echoed that of Janet Webb’s insight.


In a nutshell : my clients and all those involved in wanting to push the boundaries of their performance – they influence and inspire my practice every day. It’s what I take to supervision – am I enough to inspire and create a transformational space for them? Is this working in the way that it needs to? What can I do when they’re stuck? When I’m stuck? What inspires them to want to do this work – to push themselves? How can I tap into that to unleash their potential when they need it most? It’s what keeps me inspired – their inspiration to be/do better. Is it a longing that’s so inherently human?

What else do I need to learn, to practice, to reflect on, to test, to adapt, to learn again/re-learn?

Will it stop – this inspiration, this drive? I don’t know. I do hope not.

Then there’s the people who share their souls because they want to make a real difference. Not just to their life, and those of their clients, but they want to give something back. To extend that reach so it ripples out to others.


When it’s scary, when there’s personal risk, when your voice is the only voice going against a rabble of noise in the opposite direction. This inspires me. Bravery, courage, to be myself.   To say the things that I want to say. To show and share love, anger, fear, heartbreak, happiness, sadness and a million other emotions that run the gamut every day – and it to be ok. I’m inspired by those that allow that, that show it bravely.


Then there’s the unsung, every day heroes. Do you take time to show them they inspire? Do you think they know? How would you feel if someone told you, you inspired them to think, be, do differently…


The mothers and the fathers

The husbands and the wives (I can’t believe I actually missed this off my first list)

The brothers and the sisters

The grandparents

The aunts and uncles

The nieces/nephews, cousins


Colleagues – past and present


Nurses and carers

Those who spend their lives working for no recompense

Those who raise funds for those who need it most

Personal trainers

The shop assistant who smiled and made you feel good about yourself

The hairdresser

Coaches, mentors and Supervisors

Learners, experimenters and sharers

The pets who love unconditionally

Then beyond the who… but perhaps provided by a who…

Things I’ve read

Music I’ve heard

Drama or dance I’ve watched

People and things that made me laugh

Things that have been drawn, painted, crafted, made with love

Then onwards and beyond. The writings of others which inspire appreciation of the world around us – take a look here and you won’t be able to see a snowdrop in the same way again

Inspiration is all around us. If we choose to look.  What does it mean for you, if you choose to be inspired by one thing, or one person but not another? Does this support your development or hinder it?


On thinking about inspiration I have a question that’s niggling. Do we need to want inspiration to find it? Is it more about ourselves than others? Does inspiration come to those who are open to it? Is it like Alistair says in earnest, residing in ourselves, maybe we just need a catalyst?


What or who will inspire you today?

Thanks for reading.

*Thanks for inspiring these thoughts Alistair Cockcroft, Julie Drybrough, Sarah Storm, Meg Peppin, Alison Monkhouse, Phil Wilcox, Niall Gavin, and Janet Webb. Plus all the contributors to this week’s #LDInsight tweet up.

**Thanks also to those who inspire me to be better at what I do and how I contribute to the world: Donna Hewitson (@PubDonna), Ian Pettigrew (@KingfisherCoach) and Kate Griffiths Lambe @KateGL.

***Check out @LnDConnect for weekly learning inspiration from 8am – 9am every Friday on the hashtag #LDInsight.

About the author – Jayne Harrison

Jayne began her career in consultancy sales and marketing, where she specialised in delivering large-scale career/executive coaching and leadership development programmes for FTSE 250 organisations.   In 2012 she set up her own coaching practice and also works as Faculty member for the NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy.

She spends most of her time coaching individuals at all levels with career and other life transitions, leadership development, and getting the most out of working relationships.  She also writes about the menopause.  She holds a Post graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching, is an Enhanced C-IQ Coach (Conversational Intelligence), Level A & B Qualified in a range of psychometrics, and accredited to deliver the NHS Leadership Framework 360.

Twitter – @JayneHarrison3

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