What Love Island Taught Me!

Firstly, if you’re a fan – I hope you’re coping now the final credits have rolled.

And if you’re not, it’s ok…you can relax now, it’s all over for another year!
As for me, I’ve not been a watcher of Love Island (actually that’s not quite true!), I did watch one evening whilst my other half was out, just to see what all the fuss was about, honestly it was just the once!

I quickly learned a few things…

Firstly, my body will never be ‘villa ready’, it will only ever be ‘oven ready’. Before there are cries of “fat shaming”, it’s my fat, so therefore I can shame it!

Secondly, my eyebrows are woefully inadequate. I mean totally and utterly deficient of colour, thickness and shape. My eyebrows alone would have failed the audition.

And thirdly, I learnt a new word. A word I’d never encountered before, and a word that makes me both sad and uncomfortable to use – ‘gaslighting’.
Now I like to think I’m fairly savvy, but I’d certainly not come across that behaviour before, and I was saddened to do so.

But then, we know so much more about emotional abuse these days, and thankfully laws have changed – so we are making progress…

So as much as I’m not a fan of these ‘beautiful people’ reality shows, they’re certainly not a communication platform to be ignored…think of what Jade Goody did for the importance of cervical screening.

And I’ve got twelve months to get my eyebrows ‘villa ready?


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