You Are What You Measure

It’s a truism that you get what you measure in a team or a business. When L&D acts as just an optional support function, it’s “success measures” include:

Number of participant days
Number of courses / new courses per year
Course rating evaluations
Number of ‘visits’ to ‘it’s’ ‘platforms’
Number of ‘log ins’ and ‘page views’
Number of ‘training days’ invested per employee
Average investment cost per ‘learning resource’
Average ‘training investment’ cost per employee

These measures reinforce a primary role to serve only speed to compliance and control over training.

When L&D chooses to lead the culture and capability to solve problems in an organisation, it’s value could be measured by:

The alignment of business goals and performance expectations in the organisation
How deeply the L&D team is embedded across the organisation
Their contributions to progress on the business strategy
Degree to which L&D actively contribute to operational change
The number of valued relationships
The level of trust in the work of L&D
The level of enrolment in a continuous learning culture by managers and teams
Degree to which individual or group performance improves as a result of working with L&D
Ease with which information moves across teams

Evidence of shrinking silos across the organisation
Degree of willingness in the organisation to look outside itself for ideas

Above all – in the eyes of the organisation is the work of ‘L&D’ strategic, essential and does it change the culture?

(So it would be missed if it were gone)

About the author Paul Jocelyn:

Experienced strategic Head of Learning & Development now helping teams build the knowledge, thinking and learning culture needed to deliver a business strategy.

Paul works alongside business leaders and teams to grow capability and improve results. Paul is also an approved LPI Accreditation Mentor – find out more here.

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